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Add a modern and cutting-edge touch to your promotional gifts with NFTGifts. Increase engagement with your customers thanks to NFT technology and make your booth stand out from the competition.

NFTGifts, 100% Customized Corporate Gifts

What is an NFTGift?

An NFTGift is a new concept in the world of marketing gifts. Fundamentally, it is a digital wallet located within a web application, which contains a unique NFT and 1.5 ADA, which is the cryptocurrency of Cardano blockchain. Access to this web app is provided through a personalized card. On one side, the card shows the branding of the company. On the other side, there is a QR code, a user ID, and a password.

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What is an NFT?

Non Fungible Tokens ...

An NFT is simply a digital content such as an image, which has its intellectual authenticity verified through its registration on a decentralized database, such as a blockchain.

We work with the Cardano blockchain and its cryptocurrency, ADA.

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Merchandising with NFT?

Enhance customer engagement with NFTGifts - Unique and personalized advertising merchandise. Utilize NFT and blockchain technology to add an innovative touch to your corporate gifts. Make your promotional items an unforgettable experience!


Discover the Infinite Potential of NFTGifts, a digitally personalized and authenticated gift.

NFTGifs bannner personalized access keys to your digital corporate merchandising

NFTGifts is a creative solution for companies seeking to offer unique and meaningful corporate gifts to their recipients. By using NFT's technology, NFTGifts provides a unique and personalized gift experience that reflects the company's brand and message. Property verification and is done through blockchain technology, ensuring the safety and authenticity of the gift. Additionally, the virtual scarcity offered by NFTs makes NFTGift corporate gifts even more special and valuable. These corporate gifts are perfect for fairs and events, and can help companies create a lasting impression on their recipients.

We offer a wide range of customization options, from cards to USB drives. With just a scan of a QR code and linking it to an email account, your client can easily and securely access their NFT. Make a lasting impression with NFTGift!

Explore beyond the three prepared application areas and let your imagination take flight!

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Crowdfunding with NFT

Fund Projects with NFT: Explore the Endless Possibilities with the NFTGifts Platform

Crowdfunding or micro-patronage is a way of obtaining collective financing, in which many people contribute small amounts of money to a project. NFTizate.es focuses on the rewards model, in which donors receive an NFT for their contribution.

To achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign, it is crucial to identify interest segments, draft an attractive manifesto, and define goals, rewards, and contributions tailored to our target audience. In addition, it is essential that the project driving team has good advertising, presence on social media, and quality informative material, such as photographs and videos.

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